To-do checklist After Installing WordPress

I personally feel, after every WordPress install there is a checklist which should be ticked regardless of what kinda blog you are creating.

Here is the list which can help you

  1. Change URL structure to something which makes sense to the readers. You can include postname, category etc 
  2. Upload a decent theme to your blog & make it look good.
  3. Change the default category “Uncategorized” to something else like General, Others, Miscellaneous, News etc.. Else it might look ugly for the users..
  4. Active the default plugin “Akismet” which can help you blocking comment spam.
  5. Install essential plugins. Click on the link for the list Essential Plugins Every WordPress Blogger Should Install
  6. Remove the admin account which is automatically added by default and assigned ID#1.
  7. Disable Remote Publishing
  8. Hide your folders (directories). You can create a blank index.html & upload it in every folder so that when a user tries to access the directory it will show a blank page.. or else you can use htaccess if you are really confident editing it..
  9. Based on your personal preferences, setup the Discussion settings
  10. Update your Ping service list. At-least, make sure that, Pingomatic is in your Update Services box.
  11. Set up Google Analytics

These are my list which i anyways take care after any WordPress install.. Also, let me know your checklist which you tick after every WordPress install..

6 thoughts on “To-do checklist After Installing WordPress

  1. Why you may wonder, well its simple the checklist is to see just how fast Google responds to my suggestions (if they respond at all) & the poll is to see how many supporters of Google Play & Android like my suggestions!

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