Astrid – Shared Tasks, To-Do Lists & Reminders on iOS, Android & Web


I tried using Android apps like Remember The Milk & to manage my T-Do lists & tasks reminders but the comfort which i got in Astrid was just awesome.. I just love how productive and aware it makes you of yourself. In a short span of time this app has very well become my very own personal assistant.

Astrid is more than just a to-do list; its friendly reminders will help you stay focused and productive. Astrid does those annoying notifications, up to the extent even of of emailing me what to do, which forces me to work productively. ;) hehe… Also, it provides a system for users to invite their friends and assign jobs. Another feature which i really liked is the repetitive task feature of it which i feel is far more superior than Google Task.

Astrid offers the iOS, Android and Web apps for free which is synced through the Cloud. Users can upgrade to premium by paying $5/month & enjoy the following extra features

  • Attach PDFs, images, Word & Excel docs (up to 1GB)
  • Voice Backup & Notes
  • Charts of status and progress*
  • Batch task editing*
  • Advanced task filtering*
  • New premium themes*

Note: *These features are currently only available on

I would highly recommend Astrid to anyone who is looking for an effective to-do list and reminders.

Wanna download app on iOS & Android devices.. then click on the links below..

Download & enjoy it..!!

2 thoughts on “Astrid – Shared Tasks, To-Do Lists & Reminders on iOS, Android & Web

  1. This is the best task reminder everr! I love how it remind me just like how an actual person would do. Best buddy! Especially on those hectic days. Just don’t forget to tell her what’s going on your mind.

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